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Looking For Someone To Be

Choreographer and Performer : Seung Hwan Lee
Musician : Peter Hinz
Visual Artist : Benjamin Jantzen

"Who do you want to be?" It's not an easy question to answer. I, too, have considered this question multiple times and often found myself without a clear answer. However, for me, the person I want to be ultimately is my 'true self'. This means discovering and accepting the inherent value and beauty within myself, rather than conforming to external expectations or societal positions. At some point, compromising and adjusting might have become routine, but in that process, there's a risk of losing one's essence. This piece explores such dilemmas and questions. It unfolds the narrative of someone striving to become who everyone wants them to be, only to find themselves lost in the process, searching for their true identity. The piece "Looking For Someone To Be?" presents reflections on our intrinsic desires and values. Through the journey of one person on stage, we come to realize the beauty and importance of discovering and embracing oneself.

This project is supported by LAB Mannheim and Lake Studios Berlin 

Video Short Version

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