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Choreographer : Seung Hwan Lee

Performer : Laura Börtlein , Woo Sang Jeon

Music : Seung Hwan Lee

Costume : Rémi Vergnanini

The production "Anibody" is inspired by an exploration of wild animals as survival artists, created from material from a residency at the Choreographie Centrum Heidelberg.

Lee and his team, including dancers Laura Börtlein and Woo Sang Jeon, are concerned with the interconnectedness of humans and animals, the evolution from animal to human, the question of where we are superior or inferior to each other - a centuries-old and burning question in science and culture.


Is man "also" animal, merely his animal instinct covered over, drowned in consumption and "intellect", completely culturally overformed? Can we re-approach the animal within us and the one in the wild? Are our senses keys to rediscovering instinctive action? And is instinctive action the key to millennia despite all man-made cultural crises, ice ages and ecological disasters.

"Survival" as a theme is currently playing a major role: for example, as survival of ethnic groups and individuals in the face of genocide, war, displacement and climate change. And as survival of animal and plant species in the face of ecological change in the world.


Animals have always adapted over millennia, surviving even when individual species have become extinct. Animal life will outlast humans. The animal art of survival has always fascinated and inspired mankind. How much of it is (still) present with us? Is instinctive action also a successful model to save the human species from extinction?

Seung Hwan Lee and his team explore animal instinct and place it in the current context of our ecological, social and political present.


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