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Unpaved Road

Choreographer & Performer - Seung Hwan Lee

music - Breathe - Pink Floyd 

"Unpaved Road" is a solo dance project that tells a personal story of resilience and determination. The project is inspired by the choreographer's experience of coming to Germany as a young person to find a job, despite not knowing much about the country or the language.

The project aims to reflect the feeling of walking on an unpaved road, where the destination is uncertain and the journey is full of challenges. The choreography portrays the fragility of the human spirit and the strength that comes from never giving up, even when the path ahead seems unclear.

Through expressive and emotive movements, the project invites the audience to connect with the choreographer's story and to reflect on their own experiences of facing obstacles and persevering through difficult times.


1st and Audience prize in Euro-scene Leipzig the best dance solo

2nd prize in Netherland choreography competition


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